Friday, October 28, 2011

Autumn has Fallen!

Well, folks, Autumn has certainly fallen hard here in Cincinnati. We had our first frost advisory of the season and morning commuters were greeted with frosty cars this morning. 

Of course, that means that some evening very soon, the streets will be filled with little ghouls and goblins looking for a sweet treat. Maybe you can put a yard sign in your own yard, and hand some cards out to the grown ups. People may be saving for the holidays, but they may also need that extra room painted before the family comes over for Thanksgiving. 

And just think, there are only 4 weeks left before the Christmas shopping season begins...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ahead of the Curve

It's been a busy week back at the old Fresh Coat homestead. Immediately upon our return, we had to prepare for a Training Class which started the following Monday.

This week, we've been happy to play host to: Troy and Dorothy Tissue, and Jack Sells, from Grand Rapids, MI; and Jerold Fancher from Eden Prairie, MN. These new franchisees are the second group to get the HP Slate as their estimation tool, and the first to be put directly on Dropbox for reporting. These are changes that were discussed at the National Conference, so you can see, we're following through on our commitment to stay on the leading edge of the technology curve.

Speaking of Dropbox, I've started setting up all of the existing franchises with their own accounts this week. Dropbox is so much easier to use than Windows SkyDrive, and it will make sending reports and sharing documents faster and easier than ever before. If you want to learn more about Dropbox, you can go directly to their site, or you can watch the video posted below. It explains how Dropbox works in non-technical terms.

I'm excited about the changes coming to Fresh Coat, and I want you to be too. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I'll answer as best I can. And don't forget to follow Fresh Coat T.V. so you'll be notified of any changes.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pictures from the 2011 National Conference

 Overheard: "No, son,  I'm pretty sure that's the real Big Bird, right there."

 Spider Man doing his best impression of a street performer.

 On our way to Bally's to prepare for the Awards Banquet.

 How can you NOT want to see a show where the headliner is named 
"Cook E. Jarr". I bet Cookie Monster has this poster on his bedroom wall.

 There's nothing better than Elvis... except maybe Big Elvis.

 The Strip entrance to the Flamingo.

 Bernie told me to get "happy pictures". This is about as happy as it gets.
Jon and Katie Cook, owners of the Franchise in Vancouver, WA.
Katie's the pretty one on the left. 

 On the right, Dee Moultrie, one of our newest franchise owners.
Dee will operate the Columbus East franchise.
 Jay King, CEO of Simploy, and his lovely wife.

 The Quad Cities' finest, the Yaegers.

 Our Senior Operations Manager, Greg Platz, and his wife Debbie
at the Awards Banquet.

 Our second night in town and already enjoying the sights with
Jeff Lottmann, franchise owner from St. Louis.

 I don't think I need to say anything else.

 Brothers from another mother. 
Chris Holtmeier celebrating his President's Award with Jeff Lottmann.

The best bar staff in Las Vegas.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

No Arnold... we won't be back.

Recap of Thursday's Events

I know I'm spamming you with posts today, but with the difficulty I was having, I had a ton of content to give you, but no way to get it to you.

Thursday was a great day for us. We had a lot of excellent presentations, including Bernie's opening movie. So, without further ado, here's my recap from Thursday.


President's Award Winner Jesus Walls

Jesus Walls receives his President's Award.
Jesus and his wife, Estefania, own and operate Fresh Coat of Frisco, TX.

President's Award Winner Chris Holtmeier

Chris Holtmeier receives his President's Award. 
Chris is the owner of Fresh Coat of Loveland, Ohio.

President's Award Winner Paul Timmons

Bernie awards an absent Paul Timmons with a President's Award.
Paul wasn't able to be with us because of a family commitment.

Rookie of the Year Award Winner Eric Stavropoulos

Eric Stavropoulos receives his Rookie of the Year Award.
 Eric is the owner of Fresh Coat of Hartford County.

Phoenix Award Winner Alan Dorothy

Alan Dorothy receives his Phoenix Award.
Alan is the owner of Fresh Coat of San Antonio.

Phoenix Award Winner Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor receives his Phoenix Award on Wednesday Night. Greg is the owner of the franchise in Haines City, Florida.

I know the image is very dark, but the lighting in the room wasn't particularly ideal for taking pictures and shooting video. But The audio is great.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine and a Gallon of Paint...

Just last night, Wednesday, October 13th, Fresh Coat hosted its FIRST EVER Annual Awards Banquet at the Diamond Lounge at Bally's Resort in Las Vegas. We had a great turnout, with Franchisees from all over the country, old and new, getting together to recognize the best and brightest in the industry.

After some wonderful food and great conversation, Greg and Bernie presented the Franchise Awards for 2010. You'll see videos in separate posts for each of the winners. 

Bernie ended the night with a wonderful speech that outlined the real theme for the conference: I Believe, I Can, I Will. 

It's going to be a GREAT Conference!



Monday, October 10, 2011

The Countdown Continues!

Well, everyone, we made it to Las Vegas in one piece. The Flamingo is great, as always, and we're starting to prepare for everyone's arrival. There will be lots more to come, just stary tuned.

Oh, and just as a teaser, here's the view from my room:

Signing off for now, but don't change that dial!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fresh Coat T.V. is COMING!

That's right, Fresh Coat, the production staff at F.C.T.V. is cleaning the lenses, polishing the sets, and testing the microphones! We'll be on the air before you know it, giving you all the latest details from the 2011 Fresh Coat National Convention and more!

Expect lots of pictures, videos from the presentations, and a daily recap of events, all geared to keep you in the know, and geared up for success in 2012.

Keep your eyes and ears open! You won't want to miss it!