Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pictures from the 2011 National Conference

 Overheard: "No, son,  I'm pretty sure that's the real Big Bird, right there."

 Spider Man doing his best impression of a street performer.

 On our way to Bally's to prepare for the Awards Banquet.

 How can you NOT want to see a show where the headliner is named 
"Cook E. Jarr". I bet Cookie Monster has this poster on his bedroom wall.

 There's nothing better than Elvis... except maybe Big Elvis.

 The Strip entrance to the Flamingo.

 Bernie told me to get "happy pictures". This is about as happy as it gets.
Jon and Katie Cook, owners of the Franchise in Vancouver, WA.
Katie's the pretty one on the left. 

 On the right, Dee Moultrie, one of our newest franchise owners.
Dee will operate the Columbus East franchise.
 Jay King, CEO of Simploy, and his lovely wife.

 The Quad Cities' finest, the Yaegers.

 Our Senior Operations Manager, Greg Platz, and his wife Debbie
at the Awards Banquet.

 Our second night in town and already enjoying the sights with
Jeff Lottmann, franchise owner from St. Louis.

 I don't think I need to say anything else.

 Brothers from another mother. 
Chris Holtmeier celebrating his President's Award with Jeff Lottmann.

The best bar staff in Las Vegas.