Wednesday, November 23, 2011


As we all prepare for the Holiday this week, I wanted to take a moment to share with all of you some thoughts of thanks, in the spirit of the season.

This has been a phenomenal year for Fresh Coat. We've added 30 new Franchises so far, and the year's not even done! Add to that the fantastic performance of our existing franchises, and it becomes easy to see why Fresh Coat is the top residential painting franchise in the country. 

And as exciting at 2011 has been, 2012 is shaping up to be even better. So, with that in mind; Thank you. Thank all of you. Yes... even you (you know who you are). Thank you to the Vendors. Thank you to Bernie. Thank you to Operations. Thank you to all the Franchisees. And thank you to everyone else.

I see Fresh Coat somewhat like a family. We all rely on one another to succeed, and we share in each others successes and failures. Once you let Fresh Coat into your home, you have a painter for life. And while those painters may not actually be members of the family, I'm sure they will treat you like you are one of theirs. So join us at our table and let us know for what YOU are thankful.

Oh, and pass the gravy, please.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Bluegrass needs a Fresh Coat

With the launch of his Fresh Coat Painters franchise in Lexington, Ky., Terry Williams is demonstrating a commitment to client service that continues a legacy instilled in him by his late father. “My dad always said ‘The job isn’t done until it’s finished right,’ and those words came flooding back to me when I saw that the Fresh Coat logo says ‘Painting Done Right.’” 

 You can read more about Terry and Fresh Coat of Lexington here: 

Fresh Coat Painters adds franchise to serve Lexington, Central Kentucky

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Fresh Coat for Jupiter

New Fresh Coat Painters Franchise to Serve Jupiter, Fla., Region

With the launch of his Fresh Coat Painters’ franchise to serve Jupiter, Fla., and surrounding communities, Gary Davine plans to use his 35 years of retail experience to encourage a higher level of professionalism in the painting industry. “I liked that the (Fresh Coat) business model says I don’t have to do the painting,” he said. “My background is in marketing and client service, and I wanted a company that put client service first.”

Fresh Coat Painters has expanded operations in Florida with the addition of Gary Davine’s franchise to serve Jupiter, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Hobe Sound and their surrounding communities. 

Multiple variables, both personal and professional, converged to lead Davine into buying the franchise. He had spent 35 years working in the retail industry, generally as a district or regional manager, then last year he was laid off from a company where he had worked for 12 years. At the same time, he and his wife were considering relocation from upstate New York to southern Florida to be closer to family there. 

“Things sort of fell into place,” he said. “My wife was able to get a job there. Homes in Florida are selling at very reasonable prices, so we found a place right away. We had a little savings, so we decided now could be a good time for me to try launching a business.”

Davine said he first dabbled in computer repair because of his extensive knowledge. However, a life change for his brother ultimately led to a life change for him. “My brother got laid off from his job and decided to start painting houses as a way to make money,” Davine said. “He found the demand was high, and he quickly had other people working for him. I offered to design his webpage, and in looking at other painters’ websites, I learned about Fresh Coat.” 

Unlike his brother, Davine wanted no part of painting itself. 

“That’s one of things that really drew me to Fresh Coat,” he said. “I liked that the business model says I don’t have to do the painting. My background is in marketing and client service, and I wanted a company that put client service first.” 

Bernie Brozek, president of Fresh Coat, said the business model encourages a focus on service. “Gary understands that running a painting business isn’t about painting,” he said. “It’s about the client’s experience from the first phone call to the job completion and beyond. With our model, owners promote and grow the business while the client service managers and painters focus on the projects. With that commitment to quality, the client gets the best skills of each person. And, because we hire only employees, never subcontractors, the painters appreciate the stability of the work as well.” 

That format made it relatively easy for Davine to find quality painters, and after interviewing just a few people, he was able to hire his client service manager.

“He was exactly what I needed,” Davine said. “He has 20 years’ experience in painting, and he has the personality and skills to interact with clients and guide a team professionally.”

That professionalism was another factor in Davine’s decision to buy a Fresh Coat franchise.

“During my research, I looked for anything negative about the company,” he said. “I checked the Better Business Bureau, reviews, everywhere, and I could not find anything negative. I even got the chance to talk with other franchise owners during last month’s national convention. That’s a real chance to get the down and dirty on how things are really done. Everyone was so passionate, and that proved to be a really good experience.” 

Brozek said the corporate office strives to support franchise owners and promote their success by complementing their inherent abilities with quality marketing, training and resource materials. Those include several client assistance programs such as a 24/7 call center, Paint Now-Pay Later 12-months-same-as-cash financing, Automatic Touch-Up for businesses, and fund-raising opportunities for charities.

“That emphasis on the client sold me,” Davine said. “I know myself clients don’t always get the best from service providers. For example, I once needed a painter and I called 10 different ones. Of the ones that actually let me leave a message, only two called me back.

“To have a call center where a client can talk to a live person 24-7 is extraordinary. That we accept credit cards and we offer financing are also unique features for the industry. All those things make life easier for the client. And, to top it all off, when we say we’ll be there at 10, we’re actually going to be there at 10. That’s the ultimate in client service.”

To learn more or to schedule a free, on-site quote for residential or commercial projects in Jupiter, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Hobe Sound and surrounding Florida communities, call Davine at 561-348-9926 or visit the webpage for Fresh Coat of Jupiter