Friday, July 27, 2012

"Restoring the Colors" for Veterans

Fresh Coat Painters is honoring America's veterans one house at a time with the launch of the new "Restoring the Colors" program.

Fresh Coat Painters will introduce "Restoring the Colors" officially this fall when Scottsdale painting franchise owner Greg Jewell selects a veteran to receive free painting services. Fresh Coat Painters absorbs the costs for all the labor and materials on the project.

Jewell said the idea was born after he and his wife, Susan, were in business about 16 months and were looking for a way to contribute to their community beyond basic charity fundraising.

“We were thinking that once a year we’d give away painting services,” Jewell said. “Once we decided on assistance for veterans, my paint manager suggested the name ‘Restoring the Colors’ because of the tie-in to the military, as well as the painting aspect. It makes sense, and it’s something we support.”

You can find out more about this new program here:


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