Thursday, August 16, 2012

Giving South Jersey a Fresh Coat

Kris Noyes likes making money, the more the better, and he’s willing to do what it takes to earn it. Indeed, Noyes started working at age 11 with a paper route that he grew from 30 homes to 120 in just a couple of years.  Since then he’s had a string of successful businesses, and at 35, he’s adding yet another: a Fresh Coat Painters franchise to serve southern New Jersey.

A fellow entrepreneur, Matthew McKay, introduced him to the franchise. McKay launched Fresh Coat Painters of Annapolis, Md., earlier this year.

“Matt and I are both owners of multiple Oreck stores, and we were chatting at a recent meeting when he told me about the company,” Noyes said. “I liked that the ideals of Fresh Coat matched those of Oreck. We put our clients first, and that’s what puts us in a different category than most vacuum cleaner companies. Fresh Coat is in a different category than most painting companies. Buying the franchise seemed like a great chance to add an income stream while providing a quality service.”

You can read more about Kris' new business here:

Painting Monmouth County

For more than 35 years, Bob Covino has operated his own businesses ranging from restaurants and nightclubs to real estate and construction. For 22 years, he and wife Sue have developed a significant networking business, and now they are adding a Fresh Coat Painters franchise to their enterprises.

“If you rest, you rust,” Covino said. “Last year we were noticing that we had a lot of free time during the day, so we started looking around for a business we could buy that would provide us with additional income and that had some integrity attached to it.”

He said the couple was drawn to Fresh Coat because it fit their needs while also being reasonably priced and offering a unique approach to the painting business.

You can read more about Bob's new business here: