Thursday, September 13, 2012

Buffalo gets a Fresh Coat

Sarah Steiner knows a lot about listening to people, evaluating their needs, and determining their best course of action. When she did a similar assessment of her own situation, she decided that by buying Fresh Coat Painters of Buffalo, N.Y., she would put herself on the right path.

The busy mother of 5-year-old twins wanted a business that allowed her to use her skills and experience while providing her and her husband, Erik, with the flexibility they needed for their lifestyle.

“We wanted a business we could believe in and we could support,” she said. “We did a lot of research, and when Fresh Coat came along, it just clicked. They’re supportive of the family and bringing families into the discussion. And Buffalo can use the services of a professional painting company that puts its focus on client service. Everything about this process just made sense. I could run the business, still be a mother, and not be tied up somewhere for specific hours.”

You can read more about Fresh Coat of Buffalo here:

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